Zenith Press have just released the USA edition of my book on the battle for Musa Qala and the war in Helmand, Afghanistan. THis is an updated version of Operation Snakebite, published in the UK, and includes new material on operations by the 82nd Airborne Division in Helmand.

It can be purchased on Amazon here

3 thoughts on “IN THE VIPER’S NEST published in the United States

  1. You mentioned me on pae 212 of “Operation Snake Bite”. Just wanted to show my gratitude. When I was young and was first thinking about joining the military it wasn’t for money, to move or because I was inspired by family. I always wanted to be a part of history, to be learned about in schools. I know I was apart of the whole battle of Musa Qala, but not many people have heard or will hear about that mission. I know this book will never be read in history classes or turned into a 5 star Hollywood production, but the simple fact that it has been documented and published is more then I ever expected. Thank you for placing so much honesty and dedication to these books. I have just ordered “Into The Viper’s Nest” and can’t wait to revieve and read it. Once again thank you. It means alot to people of A Co., 1/508th PIR!

  2. My two youngest sons are gneittg baptized this morning. I will not forget that Adam’s work helped to allow them to worship as they will in a country that has religious freedom. I will not forget that the work and sacrifices that all our troops do and make are to protect those freedoms from those in the world that would take those freedoms away. My oldest will be traveling into the valley later this year to continue Adam’s work. Please pray for him those that would. Thank you Adam. My prayers are with you and your family. Semper Fi.

  3. Solution:Legalize heroin and other oitapes. Take the profit out of the drug trade and let cultivation occur in friendlier places (like the Okanogan). If the world price of heroin drops because of an increase in over all supply, many in Afghanistan will simply grow something else. Its why they grow opium poppies in the first place – they can make money.

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