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  1. Headed to the library to see if you’re book Ghost etc is there…1:50pm USA…hope you made it to the library…

  2. I’m glad you’re out there, doing the very hard work, bringing home the hard facts that make the case against this oppressive regime that runs our democracy. I understand what it takes to do what you’ve done and I deeply respect it. Thank you. I’ve watched you speak with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now in the early a.m. before I go to work.I am a Vietman era vet who served in UDT/SEAL Team during the Siagon evacuation in 1975. Back then, I saved lives only, thank goodness. I also went through SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) School in Warner Springs, CA as a part of that training, so I have a taste of the torture that concerns your research, and I condemn it with all my heart and life energy as part of a healthy deomocracy. Nonetheless, I was convicted of “Threatening The President Of The United States” as a result of my casual, personally-focused comments on an AOL chatline just days prior to the statue of Saddam Hussien being toppled in Baghdad back in 2003. Now I’m a felon, at 52, no prior criminal history. Maybe I’m just a lucky guesser, but I could profoundly sense GW Bush and his neo-cons were wrong when it started, just by referencing The Nation, The New Yorker, The Sun, NPR, ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN-CSPAN, Democracy Now, and by listening to my own heart and remembering history that I’d lived, let alone history I’d learned in classrooms and books.Why are we always hurting each other on this Earth? Respect is all we ask of one another, ultimately. Respect. It’s either respect or revenge. Or perhaps forgiveness, which is so rare. I will buy your books. Again, thank you for being there and doing the work you’ve done. For being you.

  3. Stephen, I bought your book, I even read it. Once again the facts got in the way of the truth. So we render supposed terrorists to other countries. What is missing from your account of some of them being innocent, is that all Muslims may not be terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim.To Para phrase: Its better for 100 guilty men to go free, than 1 innocent man be hanged. In the War on terrorism its better for 1000 innocent men to be rendered, than miss the one guilty terrorist. Sorry , but you bleeding hearts will have to find another cause, this one has no dog in the hunt. As a former Marine, I say “ We have found the enemy, and he is Muslim”.

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